A Rare Fabergé sedan chair model resurfaces at auction in Cirencester

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An exceptionally rare gold-mounted nephrite Sedan chair by Fabergé has resurfaced in a provincial British collection coming up for auction in Cirencester. Sedan chairs by Fabergé are rare, but they constitute a distinct group of objects produced by the firm.

This particular example was known and is pictured in Kenneth Snowman’s 1962 ‘bible’- The Art of Carl Fabergé.

Auctioneers Elizabeth Poole and Lindsey Braune commented: "Discovering the sedan chair in Kenneth Snowman’s book was rather a spine-tingling moment. It belongs to a family who collected some absolute gems in the early 20th century – and have looked after them ever since."

The sedan chair is estimated at £60,000-80,000.

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Some other examples of Fabergé sedan chairs are seen below: