Whether you are a new collector seeking guidance in forming a collection, or a seasoned collector looking to refine and develop your inventory of works of art, Nicholson Advisory provides years of expertise in European fine and decorative arts, with a specialty in Russian works of art.  Nicholson Advisory is not a dealer, and does not maintain stock, but through international connections with over 1000 of the world’s greatest specialist dealers, is able to help you locate and evaluate works available for sale from private collections and in the international market.

We regularly assist collectors, art dealers, interior designers and institutions with the sale of collections and estates, securing critical appraisals and providing insightful advice on the disposition of single objects or entire collections. We are also available to help collectors sell their collections privately or in partnership with any of the major auction houses. We also have relationships with boutique auction houses which deal in highly specialized materials.

We work actively with our clients to acquire works throughout the world at auction, with dealers, and hidden in private collections. We are able to evaluate the quality and authenticity of works of art and negotiate or bid on their behalf.

We can also offer experienced assistance with conservation, storage, and shipping of works of fine and decorative art.

In order to find works of art or to uncover value within your own collection in the current market, we are available to: 

  • Execute individual object and collection appraisals

  • Catalogue and publish works on private collections

  • Initiate specific international searches for works of art

  • Provide trend analyses of the international art market

  • Research current prices, values, and references to comparable works available around the world

  • Confirm object identification, quality, rarity, and provenance

  • Negotiate advantageous terms of purchase and or sale

  • Contract bids and sales negotiations  


Nicholson Advisory is pleased to offer personal property appraisals that conform to the professional guidelines of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant through March 19, 2021, the Code of Ethics of the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. and those of The Internal Revenue Service. (For compliance document, click HERE).

  • Appraisals for Insurance Purposes — If you are looking to insure all or part of your collection, we are happy to provide USPAP-compliant appraisals that can help protect the value of your works, and which are recognized by the IRS and major insurance companies.

  • Appraisals for Damage and Loss — If you need to assess, appraise, or recieve advisory regarding damage or restoration to works in your collection.

  • Appraisals for Estate Purposes — If you need a timely and accurate estate tax appraisal that meets current USPAP-compliant IRS guidelines.

  • Appraisals for Gift or Donation — If you need an appraisal of a work or collection to be donated to a public or private institution.


Collectors, museums, and cultural institutions frequently require assistance in the management of their tangible assets which may or may not be useful to their collections. Nicholson Advisory is able to guide these motivated sellers of art or objects by identifying the best method of sale for the maximum return in the most discrete manner.  Nicholson Advisory takes under consideration the individual needs of each seller in order to determine whether private treaty sale, consignment with a dealer, or public auction is the best method of disposition.  Past clients include private collectors, public collections, museums, and banks.

In order to help you monetize your collection in the current markets, we are available to: 

  • Arrange for estate appraisals and dispersals

  • Negotiate on your behalf during the sales process until the conclusion of the transaction

  • Execute research and find recent comparable sales

  • Assist with art transport arrangements, restoration, or management and storage of collections

  • Develop donation strategies to public collections